Admin tip: Don’t talk about your favorite ships on the main. Especially if you’re talking about the character you play and another character. Believe it or not, people join rps because of ships. Crazy, right? Well, they do. And if you and some anon are gushing over how cute your character and another character would be, then people will either turn away, or all your apps will be for the character you ship yours with. If an anon starts gushing over a couple characters, just say, “yeah, they’d be cute, but chemistry is overall, right?”. That way, people will see that you don’t care about fcs and all that, you care about the chem. Also, don’t just limit this rule to your character; don’t do it with other characters, either! If everyone’s flipping out over two characters you don’t play, and then someone wants to apply for one of them but doesn’t ship that ship, then they’ll feel forced to do that ship. In fact, one time, I wanted to apply for Justin Bieber in a rp — and the admin played Kendall Jenner, and continually fangirled over Jendall. It turned me off completely, since first of all I don’t ship Jendall, and second I’d rather go with chemistry. I decided not to apply because I didn’t wanna be forced into a ship. So, in conclusion, just don’t talk about ships on the main.

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